Baby Room



On the upper floor, our duckling groups have 2 play rooms at their disposal. As well as their own changing room used for nappy and clothing changes, coat pegs for storage of children’s outer wear and slipper sacks.

The rooms are tailored to the smaller, non- walking babies, were toys and resources are accessible at their level.

We encourage a variation of messy play activities such as baked bean play, story and song time, physical games, manipulative skills, creating music and dance, outdoor play to name but a few

Routine is very important and this is why we make sure we follow your baby’s routine throughout their nursery day. Our practitioners aim to build close partnerships with parents and carers to help ensure the continuity of care between home and nursery. The babies are introduced gradually to different Nursery practitioners can support parents in areas such as weaning, routines and all other areas of their child’s development. On starting your child’s journey with us we ask you and your child’s keyworker to complete an ‘All About Me’ form so we can have an understanding of your child’s likes and dislikes and home routine.

We cater for a maximum of 10 children with 4 members of staff we have a high adult to child ratio. The children are able to split into 2 groups to provide support for children 3 – 12 months and another for 12 – 24 months. Activities are planned around the age appropriate milestones and individual interests of each child.