Butterflys  Room



Our lucky little pre-schoolers have their very own building!

Our Pre-School room is designed for children who are getting ready for the transition of going to school. The room has 2 BA honours leaders who offer high experience to scaffold the learning of our children.

When a child reaches this age the staff incorporate school readiness into their play and learning experiences. For example, providing school uniform in their dressing up area, building on independence and life skills.

The children have access to different areas within the room, such as a quite book area, home corner and kitchen, messy area, snack area and an investigation station. Children also have direct access to the garden allowing them to partake in Free-flow in and out of the garden when they choose.

In our preschool room we have real life resources such a glass and china cups, real fruit and vegetables and food containers packages to play with in our kitchen area. We also have open- ended resources available such as toilet tubes, egg boxes, tissues boxes, pine cones, sticks, wood, flowers, shells, stones, conkers, we work alongside the quote: ‘it’s not about what a toy can do for a child but what a child can do with a toy’.


We also have real tools available for the children to use under 1-1 provision; the children enjoy making their own toys and resources such as boats and cars

When a child reaches this age group the practitioners support them in preparing them for transition to school, building on independency and life skills and incorporating English, Mathematics, Science and PSED into daily activities at a more advanced level. This has led to feedback from local schools, revealing that children who have attended Scallywags are going into reception class with a further developed level of education than most!