Our Aims

  • We aim to create a clean, bright and safe environment with a very happy atmosphere. We have educational play toys to stimulate the children and offer activities which aid their development both emotionally and socially.

  • To provide a friendly, homely, caring environment in which we hope your child will be able to grow in confidence, independence and social awareness

  • To recognise the individual needs and care and attention for every child made possible by the ratio of qualified staff to children

  • Every child has a key person who ensures your child makes satisfying progress

  • To provide educational learning for children based on the Early Years Foundation Stage framework

  • To ease the transition from nursery to school

  • To offer your child fun and friendship with children and staff

  • To provide a wide range of equipment and facilities for children of all stages

  • To have a good partnership with parents and carers

  • To offer children and parents a service that promotes equality and values diversity

Scallywags Nursery Hornchurch's


​Babies and young children must have the very best early education and care. If those working with young children have the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding, they have the potential to offer the formative experience all young children deserve.

This means are setting...

  • Prioritise the training and development of all early years’ practitioners.

  • Every child is able to experience high quality care and education, through open ended experiences.

  • Staff have strong professional identity, take pride in their role and are recognised and valued by parents, professionals and society in a whole.

  • The importance of childhood is understood, respected and valued and is supported by well qualified early year’s practitioners.