Squirrels  Room



In this room we support their individual needs and encourage and support their social skills and independence.

The practitioners aim to introduce simple daily routines and activities in a fun and exciting way, which help develop and meet the individual needs of all the children.

We realise that each child has their own requirements, we will work with your child and family with potty training and follow your routine when ready.

Learning through interaction with people and exploration of the world around them. Encouraging them to build positive relationships with those around them.


The Squirrel room has lots of natural equipment and loose parts play, allowing children to develop their sensory and physical skills. The children also begin to learn Makaton as well as developing communication and language skills.

The room is complete with home corner, kitchen area, accessible toys and open-ended resources as well as a messy area with a variety of arts crafts. The close garden allows children to have free-flow access daily.