What to Bring


Things you will need to bring to keep at nursery:

  • Spare Change of Clothes

  • Nappies and Nappy Cream

  • Photos of who will be collecting your child

  • Coat

  • Slippers

  • Wellington Boots

  • Sun Hat

For those children with long term medicine, please supply the medicine in original packaging from your child’s GP, your child’s key person will complete a form with you regarding administering.

Can children please wear suitable clothes to nursery each day including appropriate footwear, suitable coats, hats, and scarf’s as we go out into the outdoor area weather permitting most days. Please ensure that all of the items brought to Nursery are clearly labelled with your Child’s Name.

Sun Safe

We are pleased to announce that Scallywags Nursery have gained our Sun Safe Nursery Award. This is a voluntary undertaking by the nursery following an invitation from Sun Safe Nurseries (an Award Scheme), which has been developed by national skin cancer charity to encourage the necessary culture change regarding attitudes towards sun safety required to combat the soaring rates of skin cancer in the UK.

We therefore believe that together we have a duty of care to ensure that our children grow up with sufficient knowledge of sun safety and that all children at our nursery are adequately protected against the sun’s harmful rays. As such we will be utilising the Sun Safe Nurseries Scheme to teach children in our care basic sun safe messages through engaging teaching resources.


In addition, whilst we have always strongly encouraged parents to send their child/children to nursery with sunscreen and a hat to use during outdoor play in the hotter months, we understand parents sometimes forget. As part of gaining our Sun Safe Nursery Status we are committed to ensuring that all parents/guardians are further informed and reminded of the importance of sending your child into nursery with an appropriate sun hat and quality sunscreen.